i’m not who i thought i was

so last night i figured out that i’m always changing. it took a person who has walked very closely beside me for the past two years to help me see that i am different now than I was 2 years ago.

i used to think that i’d always be passionate about the same things.i thought that i’d always love speaking in front of people. i always thought i’d love “putting on a show.” but i’ve grown to realize that i don’t value it nearly as much.

when i thought about ministry, i used to think of how to get the most people possible to listen to me preach. but now that is totally different. i see ministry as calling others to discipleship..

and i see discipleship as action….

and i don’t see “preaching” as the best way to help people move from inaction to action…

so i’m very different now than i was several years ago. different things get me excited.i desire different things in my relationships.

but i realize this: that if we were going to remain the same from ages 18 to 80, then our walk would be very boring and very routine.

and our creator is anything but boring and routine.

so why would we expect that we’d be any different.


One response to this post.

  1. Your blog is looking good!

    Long time no speak! I used to blog with Uriah Ministries… remember me?

    Check out my new blog http://TheEvolutionofGod.wordpress.com

    We should link up!

    tim kurek


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