16 things

Recently Hailey and Janie have tagged me in their “16 things” notes. So, since they’re awesome and I find myself trying to be like them, i’m going to follow their lead.

my instructions were to “write 16 things, tag 16 people”

here we go….

  1. I take mondays off. Being a guy who works at a church, i find my sundays pretty jam packed, so to say that Sunday is my “day of rest” is pretty unrealistic. So monday has become my sabbath. Actually, this practice has been pretty remarkable, it is like i’m resting when the rest of the world is starting up their crazy lives.
  2. I know everyone is different, but seriously don’t understand the people who freak out about being married. Maybe i’ve just found the perfect match for me, but being married/living together/joining my life with Allie seems to be the most natural thing for me to do. Maybe it’s because i’m marrying my best friend more so than marrying my girlfriend…
  3. I love new things and tend to move away from tradition. I don’t know what it is, but i’m not motivated at all by the idea of traditions. In college, I didn’t do a good job of continuing tradition. Once things turn into a meaningless routine, i lose interest.
  4. I LOVE football but I also think that sports hold too high of a place in people’s life.
  5. I make a lot less money than some people and I’m still pretty sure that I have too much stuff.
  6. Over the past 4 years, i’ve changed dramatically. I used to be most excited about speaking in front of large numbers, but I’ve noticed that I’ve grown to enjoy spending time with individuals and small groups.
  7. i hate eating hamburgers
  8. if i had to do it all over again, i wouldn’t go to Taylor University. however, it’s hard to be mad when i found a super hot-perfect-awesome-beautiful-lovely-heart melting-A+ lady.
  9. My perfect day would envolve hanging out in nature (maybe a park or the sand dunes), listening to some good music, (probably playing Halo with Ryan), hanging out with Allie whilewatching “growing pains.” Somewhere in that day would be a pepperoni pizza.
  10. I read a lot of blogs. My favorites are cwillz, jesse, marko, jim, seth, rethink, todd, josh, think christian, ypulse, getrichslowly, simpledollar and allie.
  11. I love reading but i do it far less than I wish I did…
  12. …same for working out…
  13. …i love playing xbox360 but I do it far more than I wish I did.
  14. i wish that adults would pay a lot more serious attention and respect to teenagers and children. Jesus’ disciples were all 13 or something. 90 % of teenagers are so fun and passionate and happy and 90% of adults are the opposite (i just made up those stats, but you get the point…)
  15. I love connecting with people on facebook and twitter and my blog (one of the best things a person could do for me would be leave feedback or comment on something i post)
  16. I get so refreshed from phone calls with Jesse, Chris, Ryan, Elliot, Joel, and Jim.

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