thanks to whomever left the gift card on my desk…

Yesterday I spent some time in the office. I went to lunch with JohnAtk and then went to work out. As i arrived back to the office to do a bit more work, i saw a little box on my desk that wasn’t there when i left. Inside of the box was a visa debit card that was loaded with a significant amount of money. I was floored. I even teared up a bit.

I instantly thought 3 things:

  • It is so humbling when someone helps you out. I think that is why it is hard for us to ask for help these days. It is much easier to try to figure stuff out on our own.
  • I thought of the relief that the money would bring. The sum of money could cover all my christmas presents, or could help in a load of different ways. It is amazing how much burden one person can relieve from another.
  • I so much desire to help other people like this. I’m not saying that I’m going to leave gift cards everywhere, but i’ve got to begin taking the initiative in helping people. People aren’t going to come to me for help, but I can initiate the process. I can start showing love and help lift some burdens.

So if you are the person or if you know the person who left the gift cards, know that I appreciate it greatly. I hope you continue to bless others in the way that you’ve blessed me.


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