what to blog about….?

So the past 2 months have been easy for bloggers. in november, you blog about something you’re thankful for. in december, you blog about something christmas related. and in january, you blog about something new year’s resolution related. pretty simple. no need for too much creativity, innovation, or thoughtfulness.

and i find the same thing in my conversations with people. during those monthes our youth group taught on all those issues: pretty simple huh. but as i’m thinking now… i’ve got to come up with some sort of “topics” on my own. the inspiration will not come from the time of year: nor will it come from the some holiday.

i’ve really been challenged lately to teach and speak from the depth of my relationsihp with GOd and not from the shallowness of some program or speaking schedule (unless that program or schedule is born out of the depth of my relationship with God).

This happened last Sunday night during youth group. There was a plan. There were different times scheduled and thought out, but once my leaders and I started being with students and listening to their lives, we changed directions. One of the volunteers looked at me and said, “we should let the students share….” So i opened up the floor and what followed was pure beauty.

What are you relying on for inspiration? Are you hoping it will come from knock you upside the head when the moment happens? Or are you spending time with God? Are you asking God to fill you up so that you might overflow onto others?


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