people are waiting for you to lead them

I’ve been reading “tribes” by seth godin. I can’t get over the realities of the things he writes. He writes that there are tribes of people waiting for our leadership.

People love movements. We’re drawn to action. We like innovation. When something is awesome, we tell people. If it is lame, we tell people.

I got an Ipod Touch a month ago and I can’t stop talking about it. I read Seth Godin’s book and I’m going to buy 5 copies and give them to people. I take high school students to Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle. I get my friends to buy xboxes. If something is awesome, we share it. We give it to those we care about. We tell people about it. We write about it (i’m writing about the book).

The news tries to do this. TV tries to give us what we want. Movies try to connect with people.

But it is much much more cost effictive for people to spread the word for you. You can have tons of airtime but sell a lame product (think infomercials) and no one is going to buy it. Or maybe some sucker buys it (my parent buy a timeshare from one of those high pressure sales pitches) but then they tell all their friends never to do it (i will never ever ever buy a timeshare. and i will probably never respond to people who are doing high-pressure sales).

so yeah. do something awesome. tell the story. watch the world change.


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