there are times in life when you have a million things to do (i’m in one of those now) and there are times in life where you only have 1 thing to do. sometimes people freak out when they find themselves in one of those places. they feel unproductive or they feel overburdened. either way, they’re yearning for something else.

stack that idea next to the life and ministry of jesus.

there were times where Jesus was doing a ton of stuff (feeding 5000, healing sick people, riding on donkeys, etc) and there were also times when Jesus was extremely unproductive (40 days in the wilderness, his “ministry” on earth only lasted 3 years, he remains silent before his accusers, he sits and draws in the ground in defense of an adulterous woman). So the whole point of our life is obviously – as demonstrated by Christ – not to get as much done as we can. Neither is it to be super-efficient. Neither is it to seize every opportunity.

there are people in ministry who CAN NOT take on the pacing of Jesus because they will not allow themselves to be “busy” or they will not alllow themselves to slow down. Christians must be people who can readily accept the changes that God is bringing into our lives. Sometimes we need to sprint, other times we crawl (or even walk backwards).

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  1. John 15


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