a friend of mine is running a women’s conference at Taylor University. She emailed me for some ideas that may help guide a time of discussion. the interesting thing to me, as i thought about the concept of beauty was this:

beauty is different for different people. it is very, very relative. it changes based on your gender, your past experiences, your hobbies, your age, and your location in the world. beauty is so hard to pin-down. Sure, a dictionary might say something about it, but come on, really……

so below was my response. i broke up my ideas into two sections: one was for truth and the other was for misconceptions. keep in mind, these ideas are specifically for a women’s conference.

  • truth
    • beauty is fleeting
    • guys can definately tell if you don’t think you are beautiful
    • the definition of beauty will change over the course of one’s life.
    • you’ll never look like her (everyone is made up differently: personality, physical build, genetics, etc so it is pretty rediculous to compare yourselves and wish that you looked like her)
    • beauty encompasses all you are as a woman. not just looks. not just your face. not just your eyes. but the way you treat people. the type of stuff you do with your time. etc.
    • health is still important regardless of what you look like (you can be “skinny” and attractive and beautiful even if you don’t work out or eat right. however, it is still important for ladies – as an individual – to workout and eat right. those things are for health, not just weight loss).
    • true beauty isn’t always the first to get noticed. but sometimes it is…..
    • beauty is relative: what might be beautiful to one person is not to another.
  • misconceptions:
    • beauty is simply tied to your physical appearance.
    • beauty = hot
    • guys are attracted to beautiful women (true, some are. but you’ll find a large crowd of dudes surrounding a very “Hot” girl, but not always a beautiful girl

4 responses to this post.

  1. i would love to hear someone else’s thoughts on this. these are really just my opinions….


  2. I think all of those things are so so so true. I actually read them off Molly’s email before I saw your blog post and was really proud of the way you see the world, beauty, and women. I’m engaged to quite a man.


  3. Posted by Andrew Smith on January 15, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    I think you hit the nail on the head. It breaks my heart to see girls depend on guys for their perception of beauty. Women are beautiful creations of God, inside and out, and should be treated as such. You are right, in a sense beauty is relative and can be subjective. But every person is also wonderfully and beautifully made, which is objective. I know you know that, not pointing out flaws here.

    In a way, it is our responsibility to cultivate a healthy self-image and get our youth to look in the mirror and–no matter what–see beauty. What a daunting task in today’s culture!

    A. Smith

    P.S. – I admire your deep thoughts on topics like these.


  4. @allie thanks

    @andrew look in the mirror and see beauty. wow. i’m not sure i can even do that. maybe someday…..


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