youth pastors in columbus, oh

After moving to Powell, OH 7 months ago, I have met ZERO fellow youth pastors in my area. I don’t know any youth pastors who are in the same schools that my students are in. I did a google search of “church in Powell, OH” and found that there are more than 20 churches in this suburb. 20 churches and I’ve heard very very little about any of them.

First, this is my fault. I need to (and am going to begin) contacting other local churches to try and meet with fellow youth pastors. We’re virtually trying to do accomplish the same goal. So instead of seperating, why not try to work together? There is no benefit to “winning” over another church. There is a HUGE benefit for all the churches in Powell “winning” together.

Second, this is not my fault.  If any of the churches in Powell had been doing remarkable things, I’m sure I would have heard about it. Or maybe some students or parents would have heard about it and suggested that we “be like that one church.” But this isn’t happening.

So if you’re a youth pastor with students in Olentangy Liberty, Dublin Scioto, or Worthington Kilbourne schools, please contact me. Or if you’re close to those areas, I’d love to start getting a group of us together to strategize about how we can WIN together instead of seperately.

my email is adam (at)

lets do this


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