you can’t be faithful to everyone

I had a great conversation with Chris not too long ago. What a breath of fresh air it is to hang out with like minded people (especially when like-minded people aren’t always readily available…).

Our conversation turned to our lives and interacting with others.

While it is possible to feel pulled in two seperate direcitons, it isn’t always possible to be faithful to both. For example: lets say I’m a pastor. And lets say that some members of my congregation want me to preach from the Bible more on Sundays. And then lets say that others want me to be more “relavent” or “topical” or “accessible” or whatever.Now, it is possible to be both, but it is probably impossible to completely please both sets of people. You will never be “bible-based” enough for everyone, nor will your sermons be “funny” enough for everyone.

Or let’s say I’m a youth pastor (i am). And then lets say that some parents do not like the idea of an all-nighter but some parents think that I should have about 3 a year. Then lets say I only have 1 each year. Wich of those parents is really satisfied with me? NEITHER.


I’m not saying that either side of the above scenarios is correct or better or whatever. I AM saying that there will always be people who are left wishing you did a little bit more of this, or a little bit less of that. I would even say that you will never do something that everyone is completely satisfied with. SO STOP TRYING.

Just figure out who/what you are going to be faithful to and then go 100% all out.

Here is a list of who I’m going to be faithful to (in descending order):

  1. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit
  2. the Body of Christ
  3. Allison Rose
  4. My Family/Friends
  5. the students of Sawmill Covenant Church
  6. other people at Sawmill Covenant Church

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