learning from unexpected places

the greatest “perk” of being a youth pastor is this:

I am regularly put into a position to learn from people younger, less-educated, and less experienced than myself.

i think it would be incredibly easy to go through life simply learning from (and trying to impress) those older than you. Corporate America is all about moving up the ladder; it’s all about impressing your bosses and vaguely caring about those under you.

however, i’m put in a position where it is the opposite for me. i’d rather “impress” a student than an adult. I’d rather my communcation style connect with a student.

i’ve been really intentional about his with a small group I’m in (notice i didn’t say “lead”). every thursday night, i gather with about 6 high school dudes and another adult leader and we talk about life. my prayer before those gatherings is this: “God, help me learn about you from these students tonight.” I don’t answer questions too often, though i ask a lot.

if you’re a high school student, or younger than me, TEACH ME. I’m waiting to learn. God needs you to teach me. I need you to teach me. Young people, God is trying to teach adults something through you. Will you have the confidence and the courage to teach adults a lesson?


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  1. Posted by Andrew Smith on February 4, 2009 at 3:21 pm


    I echo your sentiments word for word. What a wonderful opportunity that we have! I just spent a weekend at Spring Hill with some of my high schoolers and I learned a ton from them. They rarely know they teach me but after every encounter with a student I am truly amazed at what I have learned. God is good.

    I love reading your blog and hearing about your life. Don’t lose your zest for students. It’s very encouraging!

    – A. Smith


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