what are you inviting people to?

People join [a tribe] for a journey. They join to be a part of something that matters. 20 years later, people will still talk about something remarkable. ~Seth Godin in Tribes~

If you’re thinking about how to invite people to your church or your ministry or your bible study or whatever, maybe you ought to rethink the way you look at the particular thing you’re inviting people to.

Maybe we ought to stop worrying about how entertained or relevant or comfortable new people will feel, but instead we need to figure out just what it is that we’re calling people to. It is easy to throw in a cliche answer “a relationship with God” or “community” or “worship” or “study the bible.” Instead, what if we really nailed down what we were doing.

Example: there are a variety of opinions about youth ministry. some people do great stuff and then do a gospel presentation in the middle of it. some people feel the need to confront every outsider about how much of an outsider they are. some people nail bible studies. some people nail small groups. some people nail worship music. some people nail games.


the way we frame our activities is critical. do we do a night of contemplative prayer to “break up the routine” or cuz it’s “cool” to allow students the space to simply be with God? do the students know that? would they know that if you didn’t say anything? do your adult volunteers know it? does your senior pastor know it?


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