creativity in ministry

a few year ago i was living with a college pastor who had a couple decades of “ministry experience.” at one point he grew a student ministry from a dozen students to about 400 (so i guess that makes him “successful”). i asked him a lot of questions because i was hungry to learn and i learned alot.

hmm. i guess he was a great teacher. but i was hungry to learn. maybe we were meant for each other.

at one point we were talking and he talked about being creative. he said that he always thought he lacked creativity until one day…. one day he said to himself, “I’m going to start being creative and innovative.” (that is not really an exact quote, but this is my blog, my story…)

and after some time of setting himself to the task, he grew to be much more creative and innovative and original and remarkable.

now here comes my part in the story: i put a lot of effort into being remarkable. being creative. being original. If it has already been done, i don’t want to do it. i’m not sure if I’m really creative, or barely creative (some people will probably have differing opinions), but i sure as heck want to grow much more creative.

here are some things I do to grow more and more creative:

  • read blogs
  • start/join discussions on twitter
  • recognize and act like God can teach me things from ANY other human being on earth
  • use lots and lots of legal pads and moleskin journals to diagram my thoughts
  • watch lots of TED talks
  • listen to sermons and podcasts
  • set aside time each week to dream up future events, trips, experiences…
  • ask LOTS and LOTS of questions (to everyone: old people, kids, students, friends, annoying people, everyone.)
  • question things i hear
  • marry an artist
  • enter into discussions and allow my opinion to change
  • try to do things i know i’m neither skilled or qualilfied enough to do
  • don’t file away mediocre things (lesson plans, talks, papers, ideas). after I left college, I deleted every single assignment I’d ever done (more on this tomorrow).

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