why i throw everything away

I throw most everything away. I don’t hang onto things. I’m no pack rat. There are several reasons for this:

  1. I can remember my high school principal talking to me about a great vacation he’d been on. I said, “I bet you took a lot of pictures.” He said, “I don’t take very many pictures. I try to take it all in and remember what I remember. Taking pictures distracts me from actually appreciating things. Also, I think not taking pictures makes my memory work harder and keeps it stronger.”
  2. During college, I saw how easy it was for Christian Ministry majors to turn in mediocre work that sounded and looked very “spiritual.” Anyone who is trained can pull off a bible study, or a talk, or spouting off wisdom they’ve rehearsed. You can do all of those things without much thought and passion. I want everything I do in life to be filled with thought and passion, so i don’t keep things.

During college, I spent an amazing amount of time writing papers on spiritual things. One may thing that it would be wise for me to have those papers to reference. However, that requires no inspiration, creativity, innovation, etc. While some people might not care about being creative, I do, so i force myself to come up with good stuff. I force myself to re-learn and re-read things I’ve read before (very inefficient: but a very good way to learn, ask any teacher).

I force myself to stay very close to inspiring things, because I must be inspired. I must be around passionate people if I too am going to be passionate.

So far, it’s working out swell…..


One response to this post.

  1. let me know when you start getting rid of your books – I might be able to take some off your hands 🙂


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