im wicked and lazy

A couple days ago I wrote that I had been lacking inspiration. I think I figured out why…

It all comes back to the parable of the talents. A master entrusts some money to his servants and the servants each handle it differently. One of the servants just sits on it and does nothing, simply returning the exact amount of money to the master, with no interest gained. The master calls this servant “wicked and lazy.”

I’ve been “wicked and lazy” with God’s inspiration.

I’m the kind of person who latches onto a million ideas. God has inspired me through books, music, trees, businesses, people, sermons, beauty, design, etc. I find inspiration in a ton of places.

But I haven’t been faithful with the gift. How many times will God continue to entrust me with gifts that go totally unused? How long will he put ideas in my head that I do nothing with. I’m being a wicked and lazy servant.

I need to be more shrewd with God’s inspiration.

  • are you being a wicked and lazy servant with God’s gifts?
  • what is God putting in your hands that you are doing nothing with?

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