churches: tribes or companies?

I asked a question over on the triiibes website:

“If our churches were truly tribes [as in the Seth Godin meaning of the word] of Jesus followers, how would they be different?”

Shawn gave me this response:

– We’d do whatever it took to take care of those inside and outside the church. We’d sell possessions, we’d lose sleep, we’d get angry, we’d lock arms with each other, and we’d stop hating.
-We’d love like no other “people group.”
– Our hearts would absolutely break when we saw those in need, and we’d have compassion for them, not sympathy.
– We’d realize that self-sacrifice, and not self-help, will heal us.
– We’d throw every resource we had at making Him more famous.
– We’d realize the best marketing our church could do is to feed the hungry rather than build that new building.

your thoughts?

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