Upcoming retreat outline

April 17-19, I’ll be speaking at a retreat in Indiana. We’re hijacking the stuff from this year’s Youth Specialty conference: “Seriously Ridiculous.”

The thrust of the whole weekend is going to be how different our God is from the “way of the world.” It’s so serious, that people will think we’re ridiculous. Here’s the outline of the 4 talks I’m gonna give:

  • Friday Night: Seriously Ridiculous God

We’ll wrestle with the fact that God is nuts. We’re going to ask the question: What if we really believed that God wanted to show up tonight? Do we really want to know what God is going to do to us this weekend. The thrust will be an expecting God to show up and do things that we don’t think are possible. Sometimes we put God in a box. What if we let God out. A God so serious it’s nuts.

  • Saturday Morn: Seriously Ridiculous Community

We’re going to chat about the way Jesus’ earliest followers lived together in community. They cared for each other. They took care of those with need. Nobody went hungry or naked or homeless among them. Those who had houses and land sold them to take care of the needs of others. Book of Acts. A community so serious that it seems nuts.

  • Saturday Night: Seriously Ridiculous Faith

We’re going to talk about several of the craziest Christians throughout history. Tons of examples from the book Holy Fools. When people really catch a hold of this Jesus thing, they get so serious, that it seems nuts.

  • Sunday Night” Seriously Ridiculous Transformation

This is going to be part personal testimony and challenge for students to (first) believe and (second) commit to living a transformed life back home. They’re going to head into families, schools, jobs, teams, friends, churches that need an agent of change. It’s not going to be easy, it never is. Would you want it to be? Think of the story. Imagine if our heroes never had to go through a tough time. What if the Lord of the Rings epic only lasted 2 minutes? No inspiration. Great things are hard to achieve. We have to battle to change. We have to work to be great. Expect that when you go home from the weekend. Transformation so ridiculous that it seems nuts.

your thoughts?


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