Blogs I’m Following

I put this list together of the top blogs I enjoy reading. I don’t just follow blogs on youth ministry, i follow some on art, on writing, on architecture, finances, health, business and politics. I want to keep learning in a bunch of different areas of my life.

If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest using Google Reader to aggregate all your blogs in one place. If you need any help on this, feel free to drop me a line, or watch this youtube how-to video

Church Marketing Sucks – This blog is all about helping churches realize the messages they are pumping out. Good stuff.

Swerve Blog from – Good info and some very practical stuff. You’ve gotta remember that these guys operate in a church where everyone is full-time paid staff so they have the time and talent to pull off some pretty amazing stuff. If you don’t remember this, you’ll fell really bad about yourself.

Pastor Steven Furtick – This guy is the lead pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina. There church is growing pretty huge and his blog posts are like mini-sermons. Good stuff. This was one of the first blogs I started reading.

Seth Godin – Seth is a marketing Guru. Author of The Purple Cow and Tribes and others. His ideas are pretty revolutionary and I often find myself taking some lessons and applying them to my current setting. I read a lot of blogs, so sometimes I end up skimming. I NEVER skim seth’s blogs. His stuff is my favorite. If I had to pick one blog, it’d be this one. (and I would definitely recommend Tribes, it’ll challenge your leadership and your expectations for yourself)

Think Christian – These guys attempt to look at today’s culture and happenings through a Christian lens. Great stuff. (there is an old Broho guy, Chris Salzman, who is a contributing author).

YSMarko – Mark Ostereicher is the head of Youth Specialties. He writes pretty regularly and has a heart for youth ministry (specifically jr. high), funny stuff, and the church being the living and breathing body of Christ on earth.

A Mending Shift – Jeromy writes some pretty reflective stuff. He articulates tensions and frustrations in ways that are uplifting and edifying to the Body. This blog is ne that I ALWAYS take time to read.

Emergent Village – Some circles of Christians are going to call everything that comes out of this blog “heresy.” I don’t think so. It’ll make you uncomfortable with what you accept as the “normal” Christianity.

Ypulse – Whenever people ask me how to stay in touch with “teen” culture, I point them straight to this website. This blog is dedicated to “marketers” for teenagers. This is great for youth ministry because these marketers are paid to stay in touch with youth culture. Their job relies on them understanding the pulse of teens and using it for their companies. Not every blog post is related to youth ministry, but you’ll definitely understand a lot of stuff. They have lots of links to research and studies on teens.

Brad Cooper – @Bcoop on twitter. Hes the student ministry director for NewSpring Church. They’ve got some pretty kickin stuff going on and he gives some pretty “real” advice about youth ministry. I’ve really appreciated his stuff.

Small Town Youth Pastor – Jeremy Zach is a youth pastor in California. This is probably my favorite youth ministry blog. He just writes really “normal guy” kinda stuff and also wrestles with “theology and youth ministry” a lot. I figure you’ll enjoy it.

Rethinking Youth Ministry – This blog has some GREAT ideas for use in youth ministry. I love their stuff and file a lot of their posts under the “do-this-someday” file.

Youth Ministry Geek – The intersection of youth ministry and technology. Helpful.

Donald Miller’s Blog – The Blue Like Jazz author writes some pretty interesting stuff. I enjoy the read.

Jesus Creed – Scott McKnight is writes some of the best “theological” wrestlings in his blog. He also has a heart for youth ministry and sometimes his blog posts lean this way.

ShawnW – Shawn writes simple, thought provoking stuff. He’s stationed in Brazil, IN.

*Also, Andy Rowell put together a list of the top 80 church leadership blogs. This list is pretty great. You can scroll through the list and see some pretty familiar names and read their blogs if you like.

**My fellow Taylor University grad have blogs too. Check out Cwillz’ blog here . E-rock and Joe Garrison have a blog here.

Your thoughts? Any additions? What are the best blogs you read?


6 responses to this post.

  1. thanks for the link! i follow you too my friend.
    i am going to keep writing normal guy stuff.

    grace and peace.



  2. Thanks for including us at Rethinking Youth. It’s always good to know that our stuff is useful to others! Peace,


  3. Thanks for including us in your list. I hope we continue to be a great resource for you.



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  5. great site this formidable to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂


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