the future looks like this

i watched this over at Alan Hirch’s blog. Got my head spinning. Brought me to several conclusions:

1. Eastern culture will – and already is – dripping into western culture. I’d assume we see a merging of values and culture over the next 20 years in both directsion. I think eastern will be predominent – simply due to the sheer numbers.

2. Ideas that gain traction today can travel a lot farther than they ever used to. However, ideas need to be much more specific. This has ministry implications. (example: “love God today” will be a less impactful message (though equally true) as “check out John chapter 3 tonight before you go to bed.”)

3. we’ve GOT to start training our youth to attack problems and learn and adapt instead of teaching them procedures and ways of thinking that will be obsolete in several years.

4. cross cultural experience are more valuable now than they were years ago and will grow to be more valueable in the future.


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