take a knee

over the last week, there’s been more traffic on this blog than ever before. basically because of a little attempt-at-conversation with some of those who disagree with me. also, i’ve realized that there are a lot of things i could disagree about in life. i just read an article where two christians were knit-picking each other’s definition of the gospel, both thinking they had the superior claim. i run into debates and disagreements every single day.

i sure hope the point of life isn’t believing all the correct points. if so, then all of Jesus’ disciples completely missed the point and Jesus himself did a pretty horrible job at teaching. I don’t think it is the point. The point is our relationship with God and our way of life.

i’m going to work on simply “taking a knee” during maticulous debates like i’ve been experiencing lately. sure, i’ll stick up for truth wherever i can, but i’m not going to spend my life writting ideas arguing with some other person’s ideas. maybe the world would be better if we simply concentrated on “lived faith” and totally neglected “verbalized faith.”

just a rant….


One response to this post.

  1. Adam you the man!
    Fight the good fight!

    Let me encourage you with a quote from Johnny Cash:
    Its good to know who hates you and to be hated by the right people.
    –Johnny Cash


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