opposing voices MUST coexist

I was having a little car conversation with my fiancee Allie. We were driving home from dinner with friends. We were commenting on the “swankiness” of the restraunt we were at. The food was good and the food was in the price range of Applebees/TGIFridays. However, it was very obvious that this restraunt had a pretty wealthy group of clients.

On the way home, i commented on my frustration with “wealth” and went on a little rant about how Jesus seemed to talk all the time about greed and how it was “easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle….” She commented that she agreed, but i needed to be a bit more gracious as it isn’t my job to determine who recieves my love.

The point isn’t that I’m right or that she’s right. The point is that I HAVE to hear other voices to shape my own points. I need to listen to opposing thinkers articulate their voices.

It is a temptation to read books, blogs, and articles from voices who all echo my own thoughts. It’s a temptation to simply listen to pastors and thinkers whose thoughts massage my own opinions. Sometimes people stick into those idea-bubbles so there opinions won’t be changed.

But who cares. Those who disagree with me, try to change my mind. I’d invite others to readically disagree with me (hopefully in a gracious, thoughtful manner….).

I find that after talking with those who disagree – or those who come at an issue from a different angle – i find that my own opinions are sharpened and refined. “As iron sharpens iron, so let one man sharpen another.”


One response to this post.

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying. While it’s nice to find people who share lots of common interests, it can get a little bit boring if everyone agrees with everything you say. As long as it’s respectful, a healthy debate can be a great thing.


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