Youth Ministry Teaching Pool – Open Invitation

This is an open invitation to anyone who is interested in exploring the usefullness of a “teaching pool” for youth mininstry.

Here are some ideas of what I think this’ll look like, but it can morph into whatever works best. If you’re interested, comment below, or drop an email to adamlames (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Teaching Pool will:

  • study scripture in online community
  • share notes, stories, and ideas about possible message implications for students
  • share notes as we prepare throughout the week

**Each individual will have his or her own lesson developed, these won’t be identicle lessons. We will be helping one another develop lessons.

**This first teaching pool will begin in a 4 week trial. After 4 weeks, we’ll re-evaluate our methods and evaluate whether or not the teaching pool is working.

*contact me if you’re interested.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I am down…Can we start off the lessons based around the 5 elements…just a thought…if not I am up for anything

    lets make “that” happen



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