Ways our student ministry is broken

I just watched a video by Seth Godin about how so many things are “broken.” Like everything else on earth, it got me thinking about faith and church and student ministry. I jotted down a list of ways in which 0ur student ministry is “broken.”

**this list may be incomplete, inaccurate, and only reflects my own opinion as of 5:41pm (EST)**

  • doesn’t work towards getting students HUNGRY about the Bible
  • doestn’ ooze outside of the building
  • not getting into schools
  • not enough voices “up-front”
  • content/programs aren’t driven by the students
  • more geared towards “teaching” about God instead of “experiencing” God
  • not serving, giving, or sacrificing
  • not enough adults involved (there needs to be greater age diversity amongst volunteers)
  • not mentoring
  • not helping students become “leaders”
  • spending too much money on “program”

3 responses to this post.

  1. I think I would add:
    numbers driven
    holy huddle minded
    too many student ministry guys doing it who should not be…ya know the guys who are just getting “experience” until they “step up” to be a head Pastor…that’s CRAP!
    not enough Taco Bell guys!


  2. […] Ways our student ministry is broken – Watch the video, too. […]


  3. my mother just read this and commented:

    “you have to remember that you’re doing a great job.”

    thanks, mom.


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