Sunday Mind Dump

On Sunday nights, both sr. high and jr. high students congregate to simply gather and grow. Each night I find myself sitting at home would up from my interactions (i’m an extrovert) and from the millions of ideas that are swirling through my head. I’m going to start a little exercise I’ve seen other pastor-types doing by starting a little Sunday Night Mind Dump. It may turn out to be a waste of time or short lived or incredibly awesome. We’ll see. Here it goes…..

  • Our students took a strong stride in developing a tight community tonight.
  • Several of the students showed off their leadership and influence. It’s great to watch them flex their muscles.
  • I wish we did a better job in uniting in worship together.
  • The leaders God has surrounded our ministry with have been remarkable. I’m SO SO thankful to get to love students alongside them.
  • In a little game of dodgeball, 1 student shattered two separate pieces of glass (a clock and a sign on the wall). Way to go CHRIS!!!!!
  • I would give myself a C- in being “present” with students tonight.
  • All the students really loved Taylor University’s Youth Conference. We’re definitely going next year.
  • Simply having my fiance there is so reassuring. She wouldn’t have to do anything, but I simply feel so confident when she’s around.
  • I think it is starting to become obvious as to who the “leader” students are. They’re separating themselves (in a good way) and driving the group.
  • Hearing the story of a gal who was once lost but is moving towards being found is the most beautiful thing on earth.

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