Student Leadership

I keep sensing that the next natural step for our student ministry is to develop some sort of student leadership something or other. I took some notes over my ideas on having a formal student leader program/group/meeting/etc. Here ya go:

  • CANNOT turn into an “insider” clique
  • must be centered around service, growth, and discipleship
  • shouldn’t be “easy.” Set the bar high for student leaders
  • it isn’t for everyone
  • what would are gatherings look like? why would they exist?
  • could potentially be a great place for adult leaders to jump in

i’d love some thoughts on this as I’m pretty new to the developing student leaders game.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The trend for youth ministry for over the last 20 years is to form, get, recruit, find, and develop student leaders. It was usually under the banner that this isn’t for everyone, and the “bar” needs to be set high.
    Typically this isn’t done well. It turns into a private club for the cute, fun and popular kids. It become one more activity that students perform for so they appear to have everything together.

    I shy away from the term student leader…I don’t ask them to join or come to our time of prayer and seeking Gods face…they ask me if they can come. They seek it out, they wanted to start something to reach their community. I didn’t start it, manipulate them into coming, have any forms to sign,promote was their initiative, their desire that flows from what God is doing in their hearts.
    Most student ministry guys can man up and get some students together and call them “student leaders”…But would it be a perfect picture if the students did it? Isn’t that in essence what you want… students leading?

    Take it or leave it….this has gone very well in my world and every ministry is different…or should be


  2. Read 1&2 Timothy about 10 times. Then, DO IT. students need to learn how to incarnate themselves and serve the mission of God. if you can teach those who are willing to do it as young people, they will do it forever.

    set the moral bar high, with the expectation that they learn how to be corrected back into right relationship- create a spirit of self-discipline.

    realize that not every student will be capable of reading the things you want them to (I made this mistake at the last church I worked for).

    also, be open with them about your leadership blunders and show how God has changed you over time.


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