Student Teaching Pool

On Monday around 3pm something beautiful happened.

I gathered some students yesterday to start a new experiment: a Student Teaching Pool.

I took a little survey of my students, asking them what book of the Bible they would like to study: Romans was the choice. So Monday I sat down with a group of students and we started reading through Romans. We discussed the themes of the first chapter, the main points, how it applied to students’ lives, and how to creatively communicate the lessons to other students.

They had terrific ideas. They had terrific insights. they had creative ways to communicate the message of the beginnings of Romans. Our lesson on Sunday night will be much much better than if I had simply thought up stuff on my own.

Ideas to people in youth ministry: let your students take the wheel. Let them run the show as much as possible. Jesse has students doing this in his neck of the woods and my students are taking off and dominating.

**we’re going to start doing this weekly on Mondays. If you’re a student in the Powell/Dublin area of Ohio, feel free to join us at 3pm on Mondays at Sawmill Covenant Church.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I like the idea of getting some of the students to help with parts of the teaching. I would make sure you (as the youth minister) do the main studying and planning, though.

    I have found that if this does not happen, the lessons seem to be very sporadic and unconnected – they just become the whim of the students. (I don’t think this is where you are going with this, but I wanted to make sure no one else takes it this way)


  2. […] Student Teaching Pool – Adam has a simple but radical idea. […]


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