i’m about to marry a youth pastor… (part 2)

My fiance, Allie, wanted to write a guest post describing what she’s excited about in terms of marrying a youth pastor. Last week, she wrote about what she’s skeptical of, this week, she’s going for the positive. Check it out:


I’m excited about:

I loved my youth pastor’s wifegrowing up. She held small groups in their home and I always felt honored when she was the leader that stayed in my room on trips. I don’t remember if we had anything in common. All I remember is that she loved Jesus and I was trying to do that.

I am completely willing to take on that roll. I am so excited to walk beside these students and be who I am. If I feel like God is leading me to start a small group with junior high girls, then I am there. If I feel like God is calling me to start up a community outreach event with students, then I am there.

But I am also excited to pray for them on my own. I am excited to be there for Adam and watch a basketball game on T.V. when he’s worn out after a lock-in. I am excited to live my life alongside the church. The Body of Christ. No matter what church Adam and I find ourselves, our lives should be consistent. I am excited to be a consistent presence in the students’ lives, Adam’s life, and the church’s life.

I am excited to be who God has called me to be, no matter what profession my husband takes on.
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  1. The post that PBJ has put on your site is great. Sounds like she will be a great wife to you Adam…

    Keep pursuing her long after the wedding is over. Nurture her spirit and love her no matter the circumstance. Enjoy each other forever!


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