Decisions students will make

In Romans 1, Paul writes several things to the church in Rome. One of the things he repeats several times (verse 24, 26, 28) is that God hands people over to their sin. Essentially, I understand this to be Paul explaining that sin is its own punishment and righteousness is its own reward. God didn’t punish these sinners through plagues or death, he simply let them have what they wanted.

I explained to the students that this principle means that every decision we make is critical. It means that when we rebel against God, we’re going to get what we’re searching for.

After that discussion, our students broke up into groups and brainstormed lists of decisions they’ll have. They were to come up with a list of choices they could make that would be opportunities to move towards God or away from God. Here is one group’s lists:

  • respecting teachers
  • respecting people that don’t respect you
  • choosing who to hang out with
  • going to parties
  • choosing what to do at a party
  • what friends to trust
  • complimenting people
  • gossiping
  • telling the truth
  • helping around the house
  • not watching inappropriate things on TV/Internet
  • inviting people to hang out
  • choosing to talk to people
  • screening your calls
  • being a good role model
  • saying “hi” to older/younger people
  • standing up to people
  • encouraging people
  • choosing to be nice to strangers
  • being willing to give away things/money
  • choosing what to wear
  • being fake
  • letting friend know what you think
  • accountability
  • helping w/ younger kids at church
  • respect others opinions & decisions

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