success in youth ministry

Last week I sat down with some of my volunteers at Starbucks to chat. I’d been serving at Sawmill Covenant Church for almost a year.

I asked them this question: “As we look back at the first year, where have we seen God show up?”

For the next hour, we told stories. Stories of meeting new students. Stories of working with pain. Stories of trying really hard to make small groups work and failing. Lots of stories.

The one thing in common with all those stories. They didn’t involve me teaching. They didn’t involve a game. Almost every single story of God’s hand moving in our ministry was tied directly to a time where we opted for less structure over more.

My goal for the second year: carve out more time to listen to God. I want to carve out more space on Sunday nights for students to meet with God. I want to carve out more time in our volunteer meetings to pray. I want to carve out more time in my own life to slow down, shut up, and listen to God.

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  1. Hi Adam,
    I was browsing the web trying to find helps of Youth English Ministry. On Friday night 7:30-9:00 PM we have English Bible study, singing songs, and Ping-pong playing. About 5 of 6 graders attending this class. Most of time I’m involved in teaching and I found video is a effective tool in teaching.

    For the purpose to invite more youngsters to joint our activity, every Summer we hold a fun bible school for period of a week called EQ Camp. This year we scheduled on June 27-July 3 to be our date of EQ Camp. Ages between 7-16 students are invited to join, during this Camp, students study and meal for free.

    Up to this year, we have a Seminar student couple came to teach our students, but he is leaving to Taiwan pursuing another career of his interest. Now we are looking for Part-time Youth Minister.

    I found you are deeply involved in Youth Ministry, and may have a wide spread connections, we are very much in the same boat trying to invoke deeper interests in faith in Christ. This is why I write to you, see if you have any sources can recommend someone interested in developing Youth Ministry with group of young Taiwanese College students who are interested in studying Bible and also learning English as well. By doing this, we hope will open a door to develop English Ministry.
    We pray for the guidance of the Load in developing His kingdom.
    Koming, TEL 646-264-1317


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