Things I Learned on My Honeymoon – your people

During our honeymoon, Allie and I had a lot of time to simply hang out and talk. We talked a lot, about a lot of things….

One things that kept coming up, probably came up more than anything else was the fun that our wedding weekend was. The more and more we talked about it, the more we came to the conclusion that our groomsmen and bridesmaids are probably the top 12 people on earth. From wednesday night to Sunday morning, these friends were a blast. They made Allie and I feel so loved and special and cared for. I know that is the “job” of a groomsmen/bridesmaid, but this gang went above and beyond.

The people you surround yourself with make or break your experience.

If you were at the wedding, especially at the end, you know what I’m talking about. If you ran into me and my groomsmen in Indy on Thursday night, you also know what I’m talking about….

So, here’s a big thanks and a big I Love You from The Lehmans to Jen, Ben, Clair, Olivia, Bobby, Stuart, Catherine, Joel, Meghan, Elliot, Kellyn, and Ryan. You guys rock!


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