Things I Learned on My Honeymoon – I’m selfish

Photo 34

On my way to my wedding. My watch broke. I use my watch a lot. I use it when I’m speaking to keep my time in check. I have a pretty consistant tendancy to be late and lose track of time. So… On our way to our honeymoon, I kept hounding Allie to look for a watch. We found one in a “duty-free” airport store. Pretty good deal.

I thought it was too expensive, but she knew I wanted it, so she MADE me get it.

So then, later in the week, I learn that she lost her “expensive” hair straightener. I told her to get a cheap one, but she was like, “Maybe we could just look at it the same way we looked at your watch,”


I was looking for an xbox hard drive. I could get a 20gb for $20 or a 120 gb for $60. She made the same comment.

Now all the times I didn’t get my way, I was sad/disappointed. But when I did get my way, I was pumped. Living with another person and sharing all of my resources has really shown me where I’m selfish. There are places I look out for myself and places I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do.

I’m selfish.


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  1. This is just one of the numerous things you’ll begin to learn about yourself as you embark on your life together with Allie. It’s amazing how many negative traits we refuse to see in ourselves that we’re more than willing to pick out in others. I’ve noticed the same thing regarding me and my mom, who have nearly identical personalities.

    Congratulations on your marriage, and I pray that God continues to bless your relationship as it begins to truly grow and develop.


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