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My name is Adam Lehman and this is the blog of a 23-year-old guy, who is just trying to navigate his way through life, faith, and loving other people in a way that drastically resembles Jesus. These writings here do not form of rigid ideology, but are the fluid thoughts, lessons, and ideas that God is using to shape my relationship with Him and others.

RamblingsofPassion is the blog I started during my junior year of college. It seemed to me that God was growing my heart and mind in a very un-systematic way and often times I find my thoughts and passions to kind of “ramble” on. And it all seemed to start at the “Passion” conference in Atlanta, GA. It was there that God asked me the question, “do you REALLY want to know what I have for you?” (God asked me the question, but Francis Chan was the mouthpiece.

Currently, I’m the Director of Student Ministries at Sawmill Covenant Church in Columbus, OH.

You can find me on twitter and facebook.

I’m married to Allison Lehman.

Also, there may be the occasional funny picture or story or something…


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5 responses to this post.

  1. hey adam what have you been into?
    I juss read the comment you left jesse about taken me and all the other crummies back with you well I say you should have taken us too cause you guys were so amazing and i miss you guys=(..
    did you like your T-Shirt that we all signed.
    and you better sign them shirts Jesse’s sending us..
    oh yeah one more thing you guys got me saying amazing, tight and crispy all the time now.


  2. Posted by Allyson Evans on August 17, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Rambling Proffesional, I just ran across your post about about Marcus Buckingham. I work with Marcus on his messaging here in Los Angeles. I’d like to connect with you as we are doing some interviews about the strengths revolution. Here is my email Allyson@MarcusBuckingham.com. I’d love to connect… Drop me a line.




  3. That picture is aaawwweeesooooooooooommmeee!!!

    I miss you. Jesse misses you. Wing night misses you. Come home soon…


  4. Posted by jztothejc on September 11, 2008 at 11:30 am

    let you know. i officially added you to my blogroll. i like your style.


  5. Hey Adam,

    Ran across your post while surfing.

    Since you are working with kids and are interested in Marcus Buckingham, I want to point you toward another resource. It’s a book called Your Child’s Strengths.

    As a teacher and school administrator, Jenifer Fox got very interested in developing strengths in young people. She traveled with Marcus Buckingham on his Go Put Your Strengths to Work Tour in 2007 to show the results a strengths approach can yield in a high school setting. Then she wrote her own book called Your Child’s Strengths, (Viking 2008) to which Marcus wrote the introduction. I think the book is worth exploring for anyone interested in Buckingham’s work because it guides parents and teachers help kids discover their strengths before they get into the workplace and find themselves in jobs they dislike. Essentially, it guides young people toward a more mindful and directed life by helping them discover and develop their God-given talents. The book is very practical and covers kids of all ages. It contains an inventory which parents can do with their kids as well as a workbook.

    Since publication, Jenifer has been traveling the country and spreading her message to schools, businesses and various organizations interested in strengths. Many churches and christian youth groups are interested in her ideas. For example, this spring she will speak at the Willow Creek Conspire conference.

    I think this book might be very useful for you in your work. If you would like me to send you a copy just let me know. Thanks and good luck with your work. I hope you will be in touch.

    Nick Siewert


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