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Walcott by Vampire Weekend

There is a War going on for your mind

corporations want my mind – because it controls my wallet
politicians want my mind – because it controls my vote
friends want my mind – because it controls my friendship
family wants my mind – because it controls my loyalty
producers of the mediocre want my mind – because maybe i’ll be mediocre too
tree-huggers want my mind – because it controls my interactions with nature
god wants my mind – because it controls the way i live
liberals want my mind – so i won’t listen to conservative
conservatives want my mind – so i won’t listen to liberals
pro-lifers want my mind – so i won’t support pro-choice legislation
pro-choicers want my mind – so i won’t limit their decisions
the wealthy want my mind – so i won’t remind them of their greed
the poor want my mind – so i’ll remember their plight

thanks to peter rollins for the heads up on the video

Friday Chill

friday. freakin’ weekend. dig it.

Flynn Adam – “Dishes”

U2 – Magnificent

Churches. If you make sucky music, even the rockstars will cry out. Why the heck wasn’t this song written by 1 of the thousands of professional worship leaders in a church? Hmm………….

The Fountainhead

I’ve been reading Ayn Rand’s work, The Fountainhead, lately. The bad thing about reading great literature is that it makes all other reading quite boring. For instance, I was reading both Rand’s The Foundainhead and The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I’ll let you guess which one seemed to get boring pretty quickly. 

And here is my thought for “Christian artists.” You’re losing the battle for attention: the battle for beauty. You’re producing such mundane and boring expressions of beauty that the rest of the world has taken up the cause. 

Example: I grew up listening to CCM (dc Talk, Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James), but quickly felt guilty for my fond interest in secular music. During my high school years, I battled with the idea that I was filling my head with “bad things” while listening to secular songs. More than once i swore off secular music and deleted all of my secular songs from my computer. 

So what happened.

CCM filled my head with “uplifting lyrics” and mundane art. I get to college and BOOM. A whole new world of music is opened up to me. I met people who had a favorite band that I’d never heard of. Some of the most solid people I knew loved Radiohead. What am I supposed to do with that?

Christianity, teach your young people about beauty. They might not understand it now, but they sure as heck will in college.

brooke fraser – albertine

Usually, I don’t really like the music that comes from “christian” musicians. It seems like a lot of their creativity & artistry gets zapped because they’re trying to conform to a genre.

except for a few. and one of those few is Brooke Fraser.

Allie introduced me to her music about 6 months ago and I’ve grown to love it.

The thing I most love about Brooke (we’re on a first name basis) is that her music is amazing (i’ve heard non-christian people who have complimented her abilities). Also, this song – albertine – you can see how Brooke has let her life experience bleed into her art.

I like it.

Coldplay: Life in Technicolor ii

OK. I totally love this music video. It’s like creativity and cheesiness and humor and not-taking-yourselves-too-seriously combined into a pretty entertaining music video.