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I Don’t Blog HERE anymore

I moved my Ramblings over to

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I’ve moved my blogging over to my new domain

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Only a youth pastor would dream this…

Last night I had a dream. This is not a joke. I really dreamt everything i am writing here….

My wife and I had just received an invitation – via twitter – to spend the week with a bunch of youth pastors at Doug Fields’ house. When we arrived there, Doug’s house was a massion with a layout that I’m pretty sure matched Bill Gates home. Upon our arrival, we sat down for dinner at a ridiculously long dinner table. Seated at the table were Tim Schmoyer, Mike Kupferer, Mark Matlock, Jim Burns, Tic Long, Walt Mueller, Doug Fields, the whole fields family, and 2 other unidentifiable “small time” youth ministry people like myself.

Throughout the whole evening I tried to make really deep, insightful comments regarding all things faith related so that they would let me co-author a book or write a guest blog post. Ultimately all of my mildly insightful comments were skirted as Doug continued to make jokes the whole evening and never really set the stage for me to wow them with my depth. Thanks for ruining my shot at the big time Doug.

And then…. in typical dream fashion, a faceless killer was terrorizing my wife and I. We survived.

Why and How I’m Practicing Getting Offline

duty_callsYesterday I wrote about a practice in getting offline. I wrote that I am going to work on dramatically reducing the amount of time I’m sitting in front of a computer screen or cell phone. This isn’t a full blown lifestyle change, it is merely practice. Eprise and Justin left some questions on yesterday’s post asking “why” and “how” i was going to practice unplugging.

They “why” is pretty much summed up in this little cartoon from xkcd. I can spend all my day reading and responding to stuff people write on the internet. I can scour facebook, twitter, and blogs all day long and still not keep up with all the dialogue. I wonder if my intense web personality is costing me real life relationships. Could I have a more effective ministry if I unplugged a bit? I believe so. As Mark Ostreicher commented on my last blog post, “yeah, baby! bring on the focus and presence and priorities!” That is exactly why I’m going to practice getting offline.

The “how” part is a little bit more amibious. For one, I am still going to maintain my twitter account, my blog, and my facebook profile. I’m simply going to set strict limits for when I’ll be on them. Early in the morning and in the evening. If there is conversations that I’m missing online, so be it. I hope to spend less than an hour a day online.

10 Signs You’re a Bad Leader

Scott Williams pumped out a baller list called “10 signs you’re a bad leader.” Here is an exerpt, head to Scott’s blog to check out the rest:

  1. they are not willing to fail.
  2. they only talk and never listen.

6 thought provoking links

here are some great thoughts: read up you blog-0-maniacs.

  • Brad Cooper – The US Education system provides our students with an opportunity to be fully-funded missionaries.
  • Jeremy Zach – So you say you’re “called” into ministry?
  • Lifehacker – How to invest during economic recession
  • Ben Sternke – Quality vs Quantity (an awesome quote from the book Art and Fear.)
  • FrugalDad – 10 commandments of frugal living
  • Wisdom & Folly – Thought on why human sexuality is sacred