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A Video Thank You to Kevin


Desh. An assassin and a puppy.

Yesterday Allie and I went out a picked up a new family member: Desh. Desh is a 6 week old cockapoo puppy. He’s super cool and cute and pretty much makes me melt. Last night, he woke us up about 6 times and I was really ticked. Then I looked at him. Here is a video of him playing around. Cute:

and here is the a video from the Bourne Ultimatum where Jason Bourne fights Desh. It’s where we got the name from:

church staff could learn from Apple Store staff

J.R. Briggs was recently inspired by his trip to an Apple store in New York. One thing he remarked about was his interaction with an employee. Here was his thought (read the whole article here):

The question his boss asks him at the end of the day isn’t “How much product did you sell today?” but instead, “Who did you talk to today and what were their stories?” The question his boss asks him at the end of the day isn’t “How much product did you sell today?” but instead, “Who did you talk to today and what were their stories?”

There is a lot of talk about church metrics and how big our churches are or how many butts fill our seats on Sunday mornings. What if there were more talks about the stories we hear each week?

I’d bet a couple of things would happen:

  1. We’d stop being concerned if attendance went up or down, and we’d start being concerned with whether or not we learned anything new about those in our faith community.
  2. Church staff would have an INCREDIBLY clearer picture of what programs/ministries/sermons/studies/etc. were needed in the life of those in the faith community.
  3. Our ministries would be exponentially better, more effective, more impactful, more meaningful, longer lasting, more fulfilling, etc…..
  4. We’d become the only place in a person’s life that they could show up and feel like someone was trying to get to know them better.
  5. “Being known” would be a tremendous feeling. Probably addicting (if you don’t think so, read anyone’s twitter or facebook page).
  6. They’d tell others about it and probably start to mirror that kind of behavior.
  7. More people would want to be a apart of that faith community.
  8. Attendance would go up as a by-product of all that. But if it didn’t, no one would be too concerned as long as we were learning more and more about the lives of others.

All that WOULD happen merely as a result of changing our metrics.

student ministry and technology

I don’t presume to be any sort of leader in ministry or in technology, but here is the “tech” i use for in our ministry. I’d love to hear your suggestions and opinions about what is better to use or why you use something different:

Facebook – We have facebook groups for our jr high group (roots) and our sr. high group (current). I send out messages whenever something is going on. I create events, write on students’ wall, upload pictures, chat with parents. Pretty great place to network.

Twitter – None of the students are on twitter. In fact, very few people in our church are on twitter (though I do have a twitter account for our church). I use twitter to get ideas, learn from smarter people, and connect with other youth ministry types.

Simply Youth Ministry Text – I use this program to send out scheduled mass text messages. I can pre-schedule a message to an entire group, to students from a certain school, or just the guys. This is my primary way of communicating with students. If I had to cut down to using only one thing on this list, I would keep this one and drop all the others. I do have a couple of students who don’t have cell phones yet and they tend to fall through the cracks when I only use this medium.

YouTube – I upload videos to our youtube channel. Sometimes it’s promo videos, sometimes it’s dumb stuff. Good stuff.

EasyWorship – This is our presentation software. I pretty much hate it and would rather use anything else, but it is what our church has right now. It crashes a ton, doesn’t work well with video files, has ugly fonts, and is pretty limited. Don’t pick this if you’re shopping around. – I don’t have an assistant or anyone who can keep an excel sheet up to date and functional and Chris recommended this gem to me. YouthTracker.Net is a gold mine. I use it to track attendance, keep track of registration for trips, remember birthdays, compile addresses/phone numbers of students, and keep track of which students haven’t been contacted in a long time. I love this. I’m on it every day.

WingClips – I use this to find relevant clips to download for message illustrations. I get pretty frustrated with the database, but our church uses it so I essentially have a free membership. Also, easyworship doesn’t handle big file sizes so i’m left either showing low quality clips or trying to not crash easyworship. Nice.

PollEverywhere – I use this to have audience surveys. Students can text their responses in and I get to track them real time. We used this service to do a series called “txt” where the students sent in questions for the adult leaders via text message and we were able to get into some interesting stuff. I’d recommend it for anyone.

that’s all I got. What technology services or products to you use in your ministry? Which of these would you tell me not to use? Which of these would you recommend to others?

My Momma

My mother, Jodi, is the best. Ever. Period. Happy Mother’s day.

Also, Rob Bell suggests that we ought to learn something from mothers.

6 thought provoking links

here are some great thoughts: read up you blog-0-maniacs.

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  • Jeremy Zach – So you say you’re “called” into ministry?
  • Lifehacker – How to invest during economic recession
  • Ben Sternke – Quality vs Quantity (an awesome quote from the book Art and Fear.)
  • FrugalDad – 10 commandments of frugal living
  • Wisdom & Folly – Thought on why human sexuality is sacred

Walcott by Vampire Weekend