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Only a youth pastor would dream this…

Last night I had a dream. This is not a joke. I really dreamt everything i am writing here….

My wife and I had just received an invitation – via twitter – to spend the week with a bunch of youth pastors at Doug Fields’ house. When we arrived there, Doug’s house was a massion with a layout that I’m pretty sure matched Bill Gates home. Upon our arrival, we sat down for dinner at a ridiculously long dinner table. Seated at the table were Tim Schmoyer, Mike Kupferer, Mark Matlock, Jim Burns, Tic Long, Walt Mueller, Doug Fields, the whole fields family, and 2 other unidentifiable “small time” youth ministry people like myself.

Throughout the whole evening I tried to make really deep, insightful comments regarding all things faith related so that they would let me co-author a book or write a guest blog post. Ultimately all of my mildly insightful comments were skirted as Doug continued to make jokes the whole evening and never really set the stage for me to wow them with my depth. Thanks for ruining my shot at the big time Doug.

And then…. in typical dream fashion, a faceless killer was terrorizing my wife and I. We survived.

“The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus” by Brennan Manning – Introduction


I recently picked up a copy of “The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus” by Brennan Manning. I have never read anything by Brennan, but have been thoroughly impressed by some of his sermons.

I’m going to blog through the book. Now, some people go through a book because the published sends them an early copy if they agree to blog about it. This is obviously not the case. However, after reading the introduction, i thought that this book might warrant some serious reflection and the occasion outsiders perspective. I think this blog will serve those functions greatly.

In forward is written by Larry Crabb. Crabb gives us a guide to wrestling with the ideas in the book:

“Concepts create idols,” wrote Greogry of Nyssa. “Only wonder understands anything.” The eminent German theologian Karl Rahner, who died in 1985, wrote: “Some thing are understood not by grasping but by allowing oneself to be grasped.” As you read these pages, I pray that you allow yourself to be grasped, and that you “pause awhile” and let yourself be broken.

Things I Learned on my Honeymoon – My brother’s best man speech

Anyone at my wedding will tell you this: Ben Lehman puts together one heck of a speech. Especially considering he’s 14. I got my hands on a copy and thought you’d enjoy reading it:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ben, Adam’s younger brother. It’s great to be able to stand up here today because after all these years Adam has finally admittied that I am the best man. But I don’t think i deserve the title best man, i think I’m just a good, handsome guy. But the real best man here today is Adam Lehman.

Adam has always been a great brother. I’ve always looked up to him and tried to act like him. When I went to church camps there would always be a talk about who was your role model. Some kids said Tiger Woods or Bill Gates but for as long as I can remember, I always said Adam.

And Allie, you look beautiful tonight and I’m pretty sure that every guy in here is crushed that such a lovely, kind womona is gone from the market forever. And Adam, I’m pretty sure every girl in here things that this is ….. JUST another day.

I’ve always know allie would be great for Adam. She is kind, creative, funny and very very very patient. She can take most of Adam’s junk, unlike the last 63 ex-girlfriends Adam has had.

Some people may think, “How can Ben and Adam be so close since Adam is so much older?” But we really hang out a lot. Sometimes that’s not the greatest thing. Like las week we both went into Wal-Mart and thre greeter though Adam was my dad.

Since I am such a pro with the ladies, I would like to give some words of wisdom to Adam. Your marriage will go great as long as you keep saying those three little words …… You’re Right Allie.

I would also like to thank everyone here today – especially David and Renee – for putting on such a great wedding and raising Allie to be such a great lady. And also to mom and dad for giving Adam a great example of what marriage should look like.

Well I only have a minute left, which i would usually leave for a joyous eruption of applause for myself …. but instead I would like to make a toast to my brother Adam and my new sister Allie, so would everyone raise their glasses with me. I wish Adam and Allie to have a long lifetime of love and that you make God the center of your marriage. you guys will have good days and bad days, but even during the bad days you two will always have each other. Cheers.

Things I Learned on My Honeymoon – sex isn’t like the movies

The week Allie and I spent in Florida on our honeymoon taught me a myriad of things. Things I would and could never know had I not married her.

This is my first blog post about my sex life, so if this is Too Much Information….sorry.

The first and most obvious thing I learned was that sex is nothing like anything Holleywood pumps out. I don’t care if you’re watching chick flicks, 300, or pornography, but sex with your wife is nothing like that. The people in movies and television are paid to make what they’re doing look sexy and enjoyable.

Holleywood tries to convince you that you can just grab any random attractive person and have sex and it will be awesome. Basically, the more attractive the person is, the better the sex will be.

Very false.

Throughout our week of honeymoon, the quality of sex was directly related to the quality of time we spent together. Better relationship translated into better sex. I don’t know if 100 percent of guys would agree with this, but I do know that I was told this be a large percentage of guys before my wedding. They told me that it gets better over time and is directly perportional to how well you care for your relationship.

Things I Learned on My Honeymoon – I’m selfish

Photo 34

On my way to my wedding. My watch broke. I use my watch a lot. I use it when I’m speaking to keep my time in check. I have a pretty consistant tendancy to be late and lose track of time. So… On our way to our honeymoon, I kept hounding Allie to look for a watch. We found one in a “duty-free” airport store. Pretty good deal.

I thought it was too expensive, but she knew I wanted it, so she MADE me get it.

So then, later in the week, I learn that she lost her “expensive” hair straightener. I told her to get a cheap one, but she was like, “Maybe we could just look at it the same way we looked at your watch,”


I was looking for an xbox hard drive. I could get a 20gb for $20 or a 120 gb for $60. She made the same comment.

Now all the times I didn’t get my way, I was sad/disappointed. But when I did get my way, I was pumped. Living with another person and sharing all of my resources has really shown me where I’m selfish. There are places I look out for myself and places I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do.

I’m selfish.