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4 short articles that nail it

Yesterday, i was reading through my blogs. I found these 4 articles. Each hit me in a deep way. Read on. Be inspired….

1. A Little Bit of Right by Jesse Hanna. Sometimes ministry can be frustrating. It’s great when something goes right.

2. Resurrection Monday by Brad Cooper. On Easter, i was pumped about Jesus. Brad reminded me that the same things that were true on easter are true on monday, tuesday, and everyday.

3. In Touch with Jesus by Nathaniel Dame. 3 years ago, there wer some observations about youth ministry. Seems like they’re coming true…

4. Made in China by Jeromy Johnson. If you think life is moving along swimmingly and your all safe and secure in your little bubble of wealth and comfort, you probalby don’t want to read this article. If you’re willing to

Tiananmen Square: stand bold…..


This is a photo taken of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. A group of college students were protesting China’s communist government. I love this picture. I have the poster in my dorm. Everytime i see it I ask myself, “what sort of dedication and belief would cause this sort of action?”

What are things that you would stand up for?

What are some things that you would stand in front of oncoming tanks for?

What is God calling you to be bold about?