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the way I’m created…

About a year and a half ago, an introverted friend told me that they can be around me and still be refreshed. This was a big deal coming from this friend because I continually heard them talk about their need to get away from everyone and simply be alone. I felt so complimented. Allowing a person the freedom and acceptance to truly be themselves without having to act or put on a mask is an incredibly difficult thing. It takes great intention, communication, and honesty by both sides.

In a sense, this is how I’m starting to feel around Jesus. When I’m with God, I feel most myself. I feel loved and accepted. I feel like my flaws aren’t that big of a deal. I feel like my strenghts are important. I feel like the way I’m created is the way I should be.

The way I’m created is the way I ought to be.

Think about that. We don’t feel like that very often in life. In fact, we work very very hard at trying to be something other than what we’re created to be. We try to wear so many different hats, that we begin to lose focus on how our Father designed us.

So take a brief second right now. Close your eyes. And simply say to God: “The way you created me, is the way I ought to be.”

eager to offer the gift of Jesus

Adam Walker-Cleveland has been running a series called “Plurality 2.0.” The whole  series has been wrestling with the multiple religions we have in our society and the faith of Christianity. The intersection of those two places has led to some pretty interesting dialogue. On Friday, Brian McLaren was the guest blogger and wrote some pretty compelling stuff. Here’s a couple sentences that I won’t soon forget:

I am eager to offer the gift of Jesus and his good news to all people, whatever their religion. I am eager to help all people, whatever their religious identity, to “taste and see” how good God is, and to take on Jesus’ yoke so we will experience together his meekness and gentleness of heart.


I was just reading my favorite ex-christian blog and came across a post about an individual’s de-conversion. They wrote that they “didn’t feel anything when they prayed.”

Well, sometimes I don’t either (i hope this is OK for me to say). Sometimes I talk to God and ask lots of stuff. Sometimes I’m intent on sitting and listening and He doesn’t seem to say anything. I wonder if my prayers are answered or if He’s really working on things.

Hear this: sometimes I doubt whether God is working on the things I think He ought to be working on.

Sometimes I look at the world around me and think, “God, what the heck is going on. Innocent people are suffering. Why?”

Sometimes I look around the church and say, “God, there are so many knuckleheads filling the church on Sunday morning, can’t you bring others?”

I just wanted to get that out there. Hopefully someone is reading this blog and may realize, “I have doubts, but God allows doubts. Doubts give us a direction to strive for.”

Sunday Mind Dump

On Sunday nights, both sr. high and jr. high students congregate to simply gather and grow. Each night I find myself sitting at home would up from my interactions (i’m an extrovert) and from the millions of ideas that are swirling through my head. I’m going to start a little exercise I’ve seen other pastor-types doing by starting a little Sunday Night Mind Dump. It may turn out to be a waste of time or short lived or incredibly awesome. We’ll see. Here it goes…..

  • Our students took a strong stride in developing a tight community tonight.
  • Several of the students showed off their leadership and influence. It’s great to watch them flex their muscles.
  • I wish we did a better job in uniting in worship together.
  • The leaders God has surrounded our ministry with have been remarkable. I’m SO SO thankful to get to love students alongside them.
  • In a little game of dodgeball, 1 student shattered two separate pieces of glass (a clock and a sign on the wall). Way to go CHRIS!!!!!
  • I would give myself a C- in being “present” with students tonight.
  • All the students really loved Taylor University’s Youth Conference. We’re definitely going next year.
  • Simply having my fiance there is so reassuring. She wouldn’t have to do anything, but I simply feel so confident when she’s around.
  • I think it is starting to become obvious as to who the “leader” students are. They’re separating themselves (in a good way) and driving the group.
  • Hearing the story of a gal who was once lost but is moving towards being found is the most beautiful thing on earth.