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our 100th face

So last night marked the 100th unique face that has come through the doors of the student ministry at sawmill covenant church. pretty cool.

if anyone told me that we’d had that many faces through the doors, i would have though they were lieing or inflating the numbers. It sure feels small. It sure feels like a family of friends.

anyways, number don’t matter. faces do. hearts do. people do. I could care less if it was 100 or 10 or 50 or 500.

numbers are for accountants, not youth pastors……

(in all reality, it is actually probably higher since we just started keeping super accurate records about 4 months ago…)

Sunday Mind Dump

On Sunday nights, both sr. high and jr. high students congregate to simply gather and grow. Each night I find myself sitting at home would up from my interactions (i’m an extrovert) and from the millions of ideas that are swirling through my head. I’m going to start a little exercise I’ve seen other pastor-types doing by starting a little Sunday Night Mind Dump. It may turn out to be a waste of time or short lived or incredibly awesome. We’ll see. Here it goes…..

  • Our students took a strong stride in developing a tight community tonight.
  • Several of the students showed off their leadership and influence. It’s great to watch them flex their muscles.
  • I wish we did a better job in uniting in worship together.
  • The leaders God has surrounded our ministry with have been remarkable. I’m SO SO thankful to get to love students alongside them.
  • In a little game of dodgeball, 1 student shattered two separate pieces of glass (a clock and a sign on the wall). Way to go CHRIS!!!!!
  • I would give myself a C- in being “present” with students tonight.
  • All the students really loved Taylor University’s Youth Conference. We’re definitely going next year.
  • Simply having my fiance there is so reassuring. She wouldn’t have to do anything, but I simply feel so confident when she’s around.
  • I think it is starting to become obvious as to who the “leader” students are. They’re separating themselves (in a good way) and driving the group.
  • Hearing the story of a gal who was once lost but is moving towards being found is the most beautiful thing on earth.