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Why your teenagers act the way they do.

I know a lot of parents of students read this blog. I thought I’d share some resources that may help you understand why your teenagers act the way I do.

If you’ve got a middle school students, this link may help bring some clarity:

If you’ve got a high school student, this link may help:

coolness or closeness

Take this situation. I walk into a place filled with students. Let’s say a basketball game (or we could say sunday morning church). I see a ton of students. Tons. I go and chat with the ones I know. As I’m doing that, I notice some other students. I feel like I should go say, “hey” to them, but I don’t want to be that lame person, so I don’t.

I choose coolness over closeness.

That is a mistake that I regularly make. Soon enough, I think I’ll grow to take myself a little less seriously and start jumping into students’ lives like I know I should/can, but for now I seem to dread being “uncool.”

I don’t know what it is about me or what it is about the nature of my profession but – for some reason – i seem to value people thinking I’m cool..

This is pointless and a hinderance to my ministry. By choosing “cool,” I’m also choosing to remain distant. And being distant from those I’m ministering to/with/among has no place in my life.