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Faith in Student Ministry

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~Hebrews 11:1~

In student ministry, we have the difficult blessing of striving to teach adolescents – who are develoing (but haven’t mastered) the ability to think abstractly – to act upon something which they cannot see.

If you figure out how to do this, let me know. Actually, let everyone know because it is pretty obvious that we’re not getting it. There are a million different theories, methods, values, and ideas about how to make that happen.

after 13 years: “If I could do it all over again”

Chris, over at the “A New Kind of Youth Ministry” blog put together a solid list consisting of what he’d do if he could do it all over. As a guy who is just finishing up my first year in student ministry, Chris’ list was challenging and very timely. I’m definitely going to print this out, send it to my volunteers, and reread it as I’m making decisions. Here are a few items from the list, head over to his blog to see the whole list:

  • Act theologically before methodologically
  • Be more of a spiritual director than a program director
  • Hire a parent to be a part of our youth staff
  • Spend more time investing in interns/co-pastors

Student Teaching Pool. Week 2

Today I gathered with 5 students and we dug into Romans chapter 1.

We argued about the point of the chapter. Students argued with me. Told me they didn’t agree. Other students disagreed with one another. I had to work to keep us on topic.

The end result, we sat down and studied scripture in community. We boiled the scriptures down to their point. We dreamed up ways to communicate these messages to our friends.


If you’re in youth ministry, get some students together to help you with your teaching. Maybe just get one student. I would guess that the impact of our teaching pool will extend farther/deeper than the impact of our Sunday nights. Just a guess….

i’m about to marry a youth pastor… (part 2)

My fiance, Allie, wanted to write a guest post describing what she’s excited about in terms of marrying a youth pastor. Last week, she wrote about what she’s skeptical of, this week, she’s going for the positive. Check it out:


I’m excited about:

I loved my youth pastor’s wifegrowing up. She held small groups in their home and I always felt honored when she was the leader that stayed in my room on trips. I don’t remember if we had anything in common. All I remember is that she loved Jesus and I was trying to do that.

I am completely willing to take on that roll. I am so excited to walk beside these students and be who I am. If I feel like God is leading me to start a small group with junior high girls, then I am there. If I feel like God is calling me to start up a community outreach event with students, then I am there.

But I am also excited to pray for them on my own. I am excited to be there for Adam and watch a basketball game on T.V. when he’s worn out after a lock-in. I am excited to live my life alongside the church. The Body of Christ. No matter what church Adam and I find ourselves, our lives should be consistent. I am excited to be a consistent presence in the students’ lives, Adam’s life, and the church’s life.

I am excited to be who God has called me to be, no matter what profession my husband takes on.
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coolness or closeness

Take this situation. I walk into a place filled with students. Let’s say a basketball game (or we could say sunday morning church). I see a ton of students. Tons. I go and chat with the ones I know. As I’m doing that, I notice some other students. I feel like I should go say, “hey” to them, but I don’t want to be that lame person, so I don’t.

I choose coolness over closeness.

That is a mistake that I regularly make. Soon enough, I think I’ll grow to take myself a little less seriously and start jumping into students’ lives like I know I should/can, but for now I seem to dread being “uncool.”

I don’t know what it is about me or what it is about the nature of my profession but – for some reason – i seem to value people thinking I’m cool..

This is pointless and a hinderance to my ministry. By choosing “cool,” I’m also choosing to remain distant. And being distant from those I’m ministering to/with/among has no place in my life.

i’m about to marry a youth pastor…

I asked my fiance (Allie) to write a little post for me. Well, actually, she wanted to write. You see, Allie has a very pretty blog that is geared towards her art and design career. She wanted a place to rant, so i’m sharing my space with her (i think I’ll be doing this a lot more in the future…). Here are her ramblings:


-I’m Skeptical-

So I’m about to marry a youth pastor. When I tell people that, I receive one of two reactions.

“Oh you aaarrre? I had no idea that you two were called into full-time ministry.”


“Oh wow. Aren’t you brave. That’s a lot of work! Are you ready for that?”

Okay, pardon me? I believe I said, “I’m going to marry a youth pastor.” Not, “I’m becoming a youth pastor.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to be involved in the church, to stand by my husband and support him, and to build relationships with students and focus on being an example to the girls. But I get skeptical when I hear comments like that. Instead, I want to be able to let people know that I have my own passions and my own career with my family being top priority. I am an individual who is marrying a man who happens to be called “youth pastor” by profession. I hope that churches all over can realize that their staff don’t come with a bonus full- (or part-) time staff member.

I hope that churches and their staff can see that the pastor’s family has talents and gifts that they can contribute to the church in so many other ways. My next post will feature some things that I am really looking forward to as I become a youth pastor’s wife.

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Student Leadership

I keep sensing that the next natural step for our student ministry is to develop some sort of student leadership something or other. I took some notes over my ideas on having a formal student leader program/group/meeting/etc. Here ya go:

  • CANNOT turn into an “insider” clique
  • must be centered around service, growth, and discipleship
  • shouldn’t be “easy.” Set the bar high for student leaders
  • it isn’t for everyone
  • what would are gatherings look like? why would they exist?
  • could potentially be a great place for adult leaders to jump in

i’d love some thoughts on this as I’m pretty new to the developing student leaders game.